Italian cuisine

The main features of Italian cuisine are its extreme simplicity, with many dishes consisting of 4 to 8 ingredients. 

Italian chefs rely on ancient Greek cuisine and the quality of the ingredients rather than the complexity of the preparation. Dishes and recipes are often created more by grandmothers than chefs, and for this reason many recipes are adapted to the housewife's home cooking.

Many dishes that were once known only in the regions of their origin, have spread throughout the country. The cheese and wine are an important part of the kitchen, with many variations and a specific legal protection, Controlled Origin Protection (DOC). Even coffee, especially espresso, has become important in Italian cuisine.

Our Philosophy

Driven by the characteristics of Italian cuisine, we decided to start an effort to bring you an enviable culture, in order to take you on a journey through the past of ancient Greek gastronomy but in a mild form and appearance, Italian cuisine.

The Atmosphere

International specification concept with special taste options, a hangout for all hours of the day that started its operation in 2018 at the Port of Thassos and from the first moment conquered the public. Friends, families, couples, everyone comes for dinner, snacking, breakfast at the casual restaurant that always remains full! All hours of the day you have reason to visit it! Knowing well and fully meeting the needs of the public from the first moment he opened his doors, he won the trust and love of customers. Enjoy the trip and taste the destination

Sincerely, Al Dente.